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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  September 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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no word yet if it is a coast guard auxiliary. he called the tower and identified as aux air. the fire department is working there to extricate two people. small plane crash. it looks like maybe a cessna 172 airplane. we can't pick up the n number or the tail numbers yet because it's in the trees. but a lot of emergency equipment still arriving. third street in cresskill. we'll keep you updated. back to you. dari: thank you. get back to us when you know more. after months of hedging his bets, trump announced his change of heart. he had one in a short time. steve: fox 5 linda schmidt is >> reporter: good evening. the donald did an about face today when it comes to being a third party candidate. he signed this pledge. this is it right here to the rnc. there's his signature. there's his name printed out. donald trump.
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he is promising he will not become and independent candidate. this was donald trump during the republican presidential candidates were asked to raise their hand if they would not pledge to run as a third party candidate. >> mr. trump. >> reporter: now trump has changed his tune. after meeting today with the republican national committee chairman, trump says the best way for the republicans to defeat the democrats is to be loyal to the party and support whoever is the republican presidential nominee. >> for that reason, i have signed the pledge. >> reporter: and here it is, signed today by donald trump. now, the meeting between the gop frontrunner and the rnc chairman choreographed. he has been viewed as a thorn in
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the side of the rnc. >> once i ran, i was a bit of an outsider because i was running. i wasn't supposed to run. i'm a businessman that people have given me great credit as being a great businessman. but i'm not supposed to run for office. >> reporter: if he does not win the nomination, he could have run as a third party candidate, which could have threatened any chance for a republican to win the white house. experts say that's the reason the rnc needed to secure trump's pledge. as a man who loves the art of the deal, did trump receive anything in exchange for his pledge? >> what did i get for signing the pledge? absolutely nothing. other than the assurance that i would be treated fairly. >> reporter: trump was asked, look, bottom line, is there any possibility you could end up reneging and changing your mind? trump said no way. i signed the pledge. it's a done deal. that's the latest from here. back to you in the studio. steve: always interesting.
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thank you. breaking news at 5:00. five rutgers football players have been suspended after four were charged with assaulting a group of people in new brunswick in april. the other charged in connection with a home invasion and yet has been arrested. police say one of the victims was a student at the school. they suffered a broken jaw. the five players will not play in saturday's season opener against norfolk state. >> tom brady wins his legal battle over deflategate. dari: the judge said the league went too in punishing him and wiped out his suspension. castiglione. he's here to explain the decision. it really is. think about it. historic day in the nfl. maybe the greatest player the nfl has ever seen suspended for what the commissioner deemed cheating. today the federal judge nullified that suspension. >> the situation on this drive.
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brady's got nate and is in for the touchdown. >> reporter: he will be back on the field thursday night when the patriots play host to the pittsburgh steelers. that's because federal judge richard berman nullified nfl commissioner roger goodell's four-game suspension for the alleged role in what has been called deflategate. deflating of footballs. the judge writing: >> shortly after this ruling, we caught up with attorney earl ward who has tried multiple cases in front of the judge and got his reaction. does this surprise you? >> this surprises me and i think it surprises the entire legal community. it's very rare for a judge to upset an arbitrator's decision. >> reporter: the nfl players association issued a statement shortly after the ruling saying:
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>> sean, who played 22 years in the nfl and won two super bowls with the giants, says we cannot underestimate what this means for brady and his legacy. >> there's no question if this is upheld where he does not have to take a suspension, you know, there'll be no blemish. >> reporter: a talk show host says even though goodell is 0 for 5 in federal court appeals cases, the league's 32 owners won't lose confidence in him. >> you know why? money. he makes a hand over fist amount for the owners. years ago. 35 million a couple of years prior to that. he makes a ton of money. the owners make a ton of money. the bottom line is about the green. that continues to roll in. he'll be employed. >> the patriots official twitter account tweeting this picture of
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brady out shortly after the ruling. and changing their avatar as well. giants tonight. each team. one other note here. roger goodell has officially announced the nfl will appeal. so this is not over yet. steve: he also announced he's not going to be at the patriots season opener. >> let's just play football. sure. thank you. dari: as you can imagine jets fans aren't happy with the ruling. steve: dan bowens is at metlife stadium where the jets play tonight. >> reporter: the new york jets brady. the quarterback has a record of 20 wins and six losses versus gang green during his career. so of course jets fans have plenty of reasons why they wanted this suspension to stand. new york jets fans raising
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expectations for a new season. >> jets, jets, jets. >> reporter: reacting to news rivals. >> it's an out rage. >> the coverup is what he should have been nailed for. >> he should have been held accountable. >> a federal court judge nullifying the suspension imposed by the nfl. some outside metlife stadium are hoping for a modified punishment. >> the right thing to do would be as a conference, that brady would is it the first game against the jets, the first game against the bills and miami. >> reporter: others say the decision is not entirely unexpected for one of the most recognizable and successful players. >> it doesn't surprise me because that's what they do for tom brady. >> if he was truly deflated those balls, he should have been suspended. i think just because he is tom brady, just because he's tom brady, i think he got a buy for that. >> the reaction ranging from the
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comical, this analyst wondering if judge berman had tom brady on his fantasy football team, to the euphoric, a twitter user posting this photo and the coffee shop offering the judge free drinks. >> they're getting away with it scot-free scot-free. ain't fair. >> donald trump writing, quote: >> reporter: tom brady will be at metlife stadium two times, playing the giants november 15th and against the jets on december 27th. sources tell me it may not be a warm welcome from local fans. back to you. steve: very good. cory booker will be supporting the iran nuclear deal. he admits the deal is flawed but says the alternative is worse. yesterday democrats clinched the votes needed to uphold the president's veto of a resolution
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against the deal that republicans try to pass. dari: aides of hillary clinton are urging a former state department employee to testify on her use of her private e-mail server, but the man who helped install the server in the secretary of state's home says that he will plead the fifth and not testify. mrs. clinton has denied any wrongdoing and is expected to testify on that matter in front of the house select committee on benghazi next month. steve: now fox 5 exclusive. the city has torn down a homeless camp in the bronx. dari: as officials promise to get more aggressive in tackling the growing homeless problem. lisa evers is live right now in in mont haven. >> this parking lot was a gateway to a drug shooting gallery and a homeless encampment. i'm going to show you the video we took in a moment. i want to give you a sense of this neighborhood. this is densely populated.
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you have a charter school here, an intermediary school and this is home to many, many working families with lots of small children. in this exclusive video stani taken by fox 5, you see the bulldozer scraping away things. a homeless encampment like this has no place in the city. >> there's tons of homeless people around my block. i always see the ambulance come pick them up overdosing. it's really sad. >> reporter: police were on hand as they cleared the items, which included dozens of used hypodermic syringes, evidence the location was a popular shooting gallery for drug abusers. >> ambulances come and pick them
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up all the time. they overdose. i see throw up all the place. >> 15 to 20 men lived there. five men requested shelter and services. in a statement, they said: >> it's great for the community. i'm happy. i feel blessed today. >> reporter: the president of the coalition for the homeless says this does not represent the vast majority of homeless people who are not drug abusers and who are suffering silently. we're also hearing that the city plans to bust up similar encampments in dozens of locations throughout the boroughs. i'm lisa evers, fox 5 news. back to you. dari: thank you, lisa. the state of south carolina plans to seek the death penalty
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for dylann roof. he is charged with killing nine people at a church in june. more than two people were killed and the other lives were put at risk. he is charged with hate crimes. he is due back in court in october. steve: it's not only the up and down stock market to worry about. hackers could be targeting your retirement account. dari: alison morris is here to explain what you c yoplait. the smooth and creamy yogurt your whole family loves. yoplait original with no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, and no high fructose corn syrup.
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dari: we want to update you on breaking news about that plane, the small crash that happened in cresskill, new jersey. steve: joe beerman is live over the scene in skyfox hd with the update. joe? >> reporter: this small plane crash is now confirmed to be a cessna 172. we had some folks on the ground run the n number. that's what they're saying. it is a cessna 172 built in 1978. that pilot, we were listening to the laguardia frequency, said initially his engine was running rough as he was coming down the hudson. he asked for a priority clearance. they gave him that clearance. he tried to aim to teterboro. the next transmission to the
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tower, laguardia tower, was that he had a complete engine failure. he ended up crashing in an athletic field. cresskill off third street. it is possible he was associated with the coast guard auxiliary reserve. when he was calling the tower, he was using the call sign of aux air, which is kind of a short term that they use so they don't tie up the frequency. we understand at least two people on board. we did see one person taken out of the aircraft. he was on a long board. the initial report from fire and nonlife-threatening injuries. the person we saw had facial injuries. but again, small plane crash, 172 cessna here in cresskill after declaring an emergency to laguardia. back to you. steve: amazing. thank you, joe. dari: all right.
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so is your money in your 401(k) and other investment funds safe? steve: alison morris tells us about a shocking security issue when you access those accounts on line, which everyone does. another thing to worry about when it comes to your retirement. >> reporter: this has nothing to do over the scare in the stock market. people have a lot to worry about. this issue was brought to my attention and it's a scary one. you know the security questions you answered to access your accounts. some financial companies will let you in even if you get them wrong begging the question is your money really safe? >> when you have those personal security answers that you give, what street did you grow up on, she found out that you can put typographical errors of one or two characters in those things and you can still get into your account. >> reporter: that's one security problem a vanguard employee reported. another issue came from a client
5:18 pm
trying to set up a voice verification on his account. >> he asked his son to call in and try to sound like him. his son got into his account. >> reporter: susan details the issues on the don't believe that you can get into your financial accounts by giving incorrect information? >> give it a shot. see if you can get past the security answers even though you're putting typos in. >> she tried it and got in. schwab and vanguard are big companies with excellent reputations. >> vanguard has $3 trillion under management. they have 20 million customers. and 90 percent of those customers access their accounts online. >> reporter: wherever your money is invested, make sure you know the company's security and fraud policy or you could lose money. for example, vanguard says your passwords must be at least eight characters and they can't be
5:19 pm
passwords you use anywhere else. >> if you're doing any of those things and some money is taken out of your account online that's unauthorized, vanguard does not have to honor that promise. that doesn't mean they won't, but they don't have to. >> reporter: be sure your password is original. >> when you have a password or a security answer, don't have it be something that you can find in the dictionary because people who try to crack passwords, they just -- they'll put a computer program on and go through the entire dictionary. >> reporter: we reached out to vanguard. they admitted they give leeway for typos in response to security questions. but they say user id's and passwords must be exact. they introduced a two-step verification process for logging on to their site. clients' assets and confidential information are totally safe and secure. charles schwab has upped its game, adding password protocols and security last month. i don't know about you, but it's scary to think you can maybe have a fat finger, hit a couple
5:20 pm
of wrong things and get in. steve: seems like the companies have to be dragged into updating the security considering how important the information they're in charge of is. >> nobody wants to be the first person to make it difficult to log in. they're afraid they'll lose customers. but you don't want to lose your money. dari: difficult is good. steve: right. we'll take it. all right. let's talk about the weather. the heat continues. 92 right now, audrey. >> that's true. but it looks like we're going to see an end to the heat wave. it's been five days of straight 90 degrees across the tri-state. today was no exception. central park hit 93 earlier this afternoon. muggy 74. our average high for this time of year should be about 80. that's the number we're forecasting tomorrow. we'll see a big differences in our numbers friday. today's highs were in the 90s in many locations around the city, with the exception being poughkeepsie at 92. 89 in sussex. 84 in montauk and bridgeport
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afternoon. we're sitting at some of the high readings at the moment a degree shy of our high in central park at 92. 93 in newark. in the 80s in belmar. our air quality alert for the counties shaded in gray continues until 11:00 tonight. those of you who have been suffering should get relief in the next couple of days. our dew points are in the 60s. that's making it feel uncomfortable. heat index values are in the upper 80s to low 90s. all of these numbers are going to come down courtesy of a cold front that's working its way down state. we can see cloud cover across central new york heading towards the capital district. there's a couple of isolated showers being picked up along the front. those will move southward and clip portions of the hudson valley through the rest of the evening. i'll leave in the chance for a shower around new york city overnight. i think most of us will stay dry. the front is a slow moving front. it will slowly make its way from the northeastern states down to the mid atlantic. behind it, high pressure will be
5:22 pm
nosing down from canada. that's going to bring us the drier air as we go into our labor day weekend. our futurecast is showing we'll have clouds tonight. tomorrow, it will be cloudy. you'll think it will be a gloomy start. looks like that will be the worst of the holiday weekend. we'll have clouds in the morning. there will be the threat of showers early in the day. in the afternoon, we'll start to see drier air work in. the clouds will begin to clear. saturday while we'll have a few clouds in the morning, plenty of sunshine will be found by the middle of the day. the sunshine will stick with us through the rest of the weekend. make your plans for outdoor activities. showers. temperatures muggy and mild. tomorrow, mostly cloudy. watch out for scattered showers in the morning. isolated chance in the afternoon. check out the temperatures. below 90 across the tri-state. we'll stay that way for the next several days. the rest of the holiday weekend is fabulous. plenty of sunshine saturday and sunday and monday with highs seasonal for this time of year. we'll turn up the heat and humidity next week.
5:23 pm
it won't last as long as the last several days, which was our second heat wave for central park. steve: thank you, audrey. a long island man has become an unlikely ally of the pope. >> i'm a jewish guy. i can do something between israel and the vatican. dari: find out how a jewish man from long island has become one
5:24 pm
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steve: a jewish man from long island has made it his mission to bridge the gap between christianity and judaism. dari: as stacey delikat shows us, his efforts have given him an honored place in the catholic church. >> reporter: there aren't many new yorkers who can say they know two pope francis or the two popes who precede him but one long island couple has a special relationship to the vatican. >> this is the diploma of the order of st. gregory the great that we received from john paul ii. as a jewish man, i was the seventh jewish man in history to receive that. >> reporter: in 2000, gary, an owner of medical centers, was knighted by pope john paul ii after a friend put him in touch with a roman bishop who needed help procuring medical equipment for a hospital in italy.
5:27 pm
>> over 20 years helping them get their medical technology, saved them over $20 million over that period of time. and consequently, because of that, i was knighted by john paul ii. now i'm a jewish guy. as a papal might, i can do something between the jewish people and the catholics. >> reporter: the result was the pave the way foundation which he and his wife started. >> pave the way foundation works between religions. we deal with nontheological obstacles and gestures. >> reporter: one of the biggest and most controversial obstacles concerned pope pius. he has spent years trying to prove he was on the right side of history and has garnered criticism. >> your pilgrimage to history and -- >> reporter: controversies aside, he is one of the catholic church's closest jewish allies
5:28 pm
and his knighted status has given him access to pope john paul the ii, benedict and francis. >> he's very, very real. what you see is what you get. we see him in a different light in rome. >> they won't be meeting with francis in new york, but they will meet with him weeks later when they travel to the vatican for meetings. >> reporter: when you meet with him, what's the subject of the meeting? a meet and greet, have dinner and catch up? how was your trip to new york? >> i'll tell him he's treating. no. we want to present him with the pave -- pave the way created a special coin. >> reporter: while it will be more ceremonial, it will be uplifting. marilyn remembers her first encounter with pope john paul ii. >> he put his hand on my shoulder. i said i knew then i was in the presence of a holy man. it changed my life.
5:29 pm
>> reporter: the couple knows those who meet pope francis in new york will be touched in a very similar way. stacey delikat, fox 5 news. dari: life changing. we'll be rig oh, stay on that one. [changes channel] sometimes it's hard to catch all your favorite shows. you're killing me, dad. give me that, please. with time warner cable's enhanced dvr, you can. record up to 6 shows at the same time. plus, you can record in one room and watch in another. p so you can enjoy tv on your schedule.
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dari: synthetic marijuana dealers are turning to popular web sites to push their drugs. steve: jennifer lahmers shows how the war on k2 has expanded to the web. >> can >> reporter: at a news conference, investigators released results of an investigation that reveals how it's being pushed on major commercial web sites like ebay, craigslist and amazon. >> today we're sending out letters to the ceo's of these sites demanding that they take down the advertisements and classify them for drug sales that have led to hospitalizations. everyone knows 16 deaths. >> reporter: jeff klein says they sell the paraphernalia, even branded bags of the stuff that have turned up on city streets. >> the amazing thing is as the report shows, it's not that hard to find. sometimes it's listed pretty clearly.
5:33 pm
other times it has nicknames. >> reporter: the ads are cleared to new yorkers using words like k2 spice, and legal weed. even worse, investigators say many of those dealers sell k2 that's been sprayed with plant chemicals planned in new york. -- banned in new york. it is responsible for putting 1900 people in the hospital, including the son of louis cruz. >> i took it on myself to go to the grocery store and show them a picture of my son. when you see him, you know, don't sell it to him. >> reporter: senator jeff klein introduced legislation to criminalize the sale of it. sellers could get five and a half years in prison.
5:34 pm
dari: let's get you out to cresskill, new jersey. there. scene. beginning. we were cruising in laguardia tower's jurisdiction and we heard the aircraft call in before 5:00. he had a rough engine. moments later, he called the tower back and said engine failure. engine failure. he wanted priority clearance to teterboro airport. that aircraft, a cessna 172, built in 1978, owned by black sheep aviation registered down in delaware ended up crashing here at the cresskill swim club in the soccer field. two people on board. we watched as they extricated one person from the wreckage. took them 20 minutes to get that person out. the police and fire and ems are telling us there are serious
5:35 pm
injuries, but they expect everybody on board to survive the crash. no word yet on why that engine failed. the ntsb is in route. the faa is in route. they will take that aircraft back to a hangar, probably over to teterboro, and tear it apart and try and find out why that engine failed. the united states coast guard is confirming this aircraft was associated with them. two people on board from the coast guard auxiliary reserve. steve: thank you, joe. dari: glad to know everybody is okay. the kentucky clerk who refused to give marriage licenses to same-sex couples is standing her ground from jail. >> as stacey delikat shows us, kim davis was sent to jail after rejecting a judge's compromise. >> clerk kim davis left a kentucky courthouse headed for jail after a u.s. district judge held her in contempt of court for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. >> we're in the issuing licenses today.
5:36 pm
>> the united states supreme court has authority over you. you do not work in a religious institution. >> reporter: davis, an elected official, stopped issuing licenses in june, following the supreme court's legalization of gay marriage. she said she opposed same-sex marriage on religious grounds, claiming her refusal to issue any licenses proves she wasn't discriminating. a federal judge dismissed the argument. this afternoon, the judge rejected the appeal saying every public official is subject to the rule of law. her good faith belief is simply not a viable defense the judge said. white house press secretary josh ernest echoed the sentiment. >> no public official is above the rule of law, not the president of the united states, but neither in the rowan county clerk. day. >> reporter: outside the courthouse, demonstrators from both sides of the debate lined the streets. >> i believe any belief should
5:37 pm
be respected like that. if anybody has a conviction over it, they shouldn't have to do it. >> it doesn't matter what people believe, what their faith is, what they think. this is the law. we have to follow the law. resign. >> reporter: the judge said davis will be released once she agrees to issue the licenses. as for her deputy clerks, five of them have agreed to issue licenses to gay couples. the lone holdout, davis' son. he won't face fines or jail time since the other deputies are carrying out his orders. dari: thank you. we appreciate that. steve: a new cluster of legionnaires cases in the bronx. dari: we'll talk about the cleanup and prevention underway at the mel rose houses. steve: plus the growing number of kids being diagnosed with
5:38 pm
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steve: the bacteria that causes legionnaires' disease has been found at a housing project in the bronx. dari: jessica was there as they installed water filters. >> reporter: there are eight building ins melrose complex. one tested positive. two negative. we're waiting on the results of the other five buildings. in the meantime, health officials have been standing out here handing this flier to
5:41 pm
tenants that indicate the measures they're taking to keeping residents safe and healthy. news broke out yesterday that this building 681 cortland avenue tested positive for legionella bacteria. tenants are worried. >> i live in the building behind this one. i'm worried for her. i don't think boiling the water is safe. >> reporter: the health department shut off the hot water, testing the entire water supply at the melrose houses complex. they're handing out information to tenants. they say it is safe to drink and bathe with the water, yet the residents aren't taking any chances. >> take a shower, we boil the water to make sure it's good. >> reporter: in the meantime, the housing authority is installing special filters in every apartment to reduce the risk of legionella bacteria. the new york city health department says in the long run, they will install a special permanent system to keep the water free from legionella.
5:42 pm
in the bronx, fox 5 news. steve: a brooklyn man decides to leave the rat race behind. >> my friends and family think i've lost my mind. and they're absolutely right. steve: love it already. dari: the life changing moment that helped this local businessman get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad.
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and unlimited calling to the u.s., puerto rico, canada, mexico, china and india. and for a limited time, you could get a $300 reward card plus tv equipment and epix included. as today. call 1-800-341-9716. steve: in fox 5 health news, double mastectomies for men with breast cancer on the rise.
5:45 pm
this is troublesome for doctors. dari: a lot of conversations about this. dr. manny alvarez in the house. mastectomies again, this time for men. >> breast cancer in men is not as common as it is for women. the total number of cases predicted for 2015 is 2,400 men will develop breast cancer. usually ductal carcinoma. the statistics show, however, that in men, you cannot do a lumpectomy. there's little breast tissue. they usually have isolated mastectomies. looking at the data, especially in young men who develop breast cancer, now they're looking to see that there are many double mastectomies being done prophylactically. the cdc is saying is this necessary, just like the debate for women. the answer is probably not. it's a little too aggressive. you can probably have a simple mastectomy. at the end of the day, you have to look at risk factors, which
5:46 pm
for men are different than women, but maybe just a simple mastectomy is the adequate treatment and people should have a second opinion at least. dari: can i ask really quick. is this hereditary with men? >> there's risk factors. there are genetic factors. dari: same thing as women. >> yes. it's 2,400 cases versus 100 fold more for women. dari: and adhd, is it being overdiagnosed? the cdc is saying this is one theory that could help explain. >> you know how i feel about this. latest statistics show that at least one-third of children, over 6 million children, have been diagnosed with adhd, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. and, you know, people think, well, a lot of kids have it because there's more awareness about it. no. they think that the school system is sort of -- it's more
5:47 pm
rigid today than in the past and that's why kids are fidgety. no. the simple answer according to the papers is overdiagnosing. especially if you're overdiagnosing before the age of six. in some cases they were diagnosing kids under the age of four. 16 percent under the age of four. listen, kids have to be kids. and to call somebody hyperactive, it has to be in multiple settings. they have to be super active at home and school and in activities. if you're seeing isolated pockets of hyperactivity, perhaps you're being overdiagnosed. again, the problem with being overdiagnosed is you end up sometimes on medication. i have a problem with little kids taking medication if they don't need it. again, get a second opinion. become aware about overdiagnosing, and hopefully we'll sort of get some kids out of that -- steve: the kids aren't going to behave the way you want them to.
5:48 pm
>> my god, if that was the case, i'd have hyperactivity dysfunction, whatever. so did my kids. no. no. kids need to be kids once in a while. good parenting. that's what they need. dari: good parenting. thank you. >> good weather, too. steve: we got that. especially if you like it hot. this is day 5 of the heat wave. >> that's true. looks like it's coming to an end. tomorrow we'll see a big drop in our temperatures. we're going to have readings closer to average where we should be for this time of year. that's a reading of 80. that's what we're going for tomorrow. today it was 93. this morning we started off with a muggy 74. right now we're sitting at a hot 92. dew point and humidity, not that uncomfortable, although it's still sticky, but not as unbearable as we've seen where the dew points are in the 60s. the winds are light. the pressure is holding steady. it will be rising further into our holiday weekend. area-wide, we're in the 80s and in the 90s. we're at 85 in bridgeport.
5:49 pm
80s in islip and towards montauk. belmar, it's 86 for you down there. it's hot in newark where the temperature is at 93. 90s in poughkeepsie. 80s for monticello as well as over towards sussex. dew points are uncomfortable for the most part but the numbers will be coming down. the front can be seen outlined in the cloud cover extending towards new hampshire and vermont and northwestern massachusetts and up towards the hudson valley. we see a couple of showers being picked up on the radar. much of the activity is held off to the west over the great lakes. behind this front, we have high pressure that will be nosing down from canada. this is going to make a slow arrival. i think the chance for showers is going to linger into the first half of the day tomorrow unfortunately. but the rest of the weekend, so far so good. this nice, dry patch of weather will be overspreading the great lakes, setting them up for a nice holiday weekend. down towards florida, expecting rain there throughout the labor day weekend. same thing for the northern plains states. west coast looks good.
5:50 pm
we're expecting dry weather from seattle towards l.a. where highs will be in the 70s. we'll be in the 90s. they'll be suppressed in georgia and texas and oklahoma. in the northeast, temperatures will be dropping to more average readings. highs 10 to 15 degrees cooler than we've seen over the last several days. we have partly cloudy skies tomorrow we'll wake up with clouds. there will be the threat of a few showers passing through. the threat lasts until early afternoon. tomorrow night we see things clear out. saturday morning, a few clouds, but the sunshine will break through. it will stick with us for saturday, sunday and even into monday. make your plans now. isolated showers tonight. a greater shot tomorrow morning. it will be windy and cooler with highs in the low 80s. that's where we should be for this time of year. the temperature readings in the 80s will stay through saturday and sunday. labor day is fabulous. plenty of sunshine. the heat and humidity builds into next week. highs will approach 90. steve: incredible. love it. thank you. how about this?
5:51 pm
this was a pretty funny photo op for daniel maloy. he got upstaged by a beluga whale. it swam up checking out the commotion as they listened to the governor talk about tourism in connecticut. dari: how appropriate. go see that whale. look at this. a new roller coaster in the works at six flags great adventure. it will make you feel like you're in outer space. wow. wow. it's a free flying coaster called total mayhem. it will lift riders 12 stories high on a 90-degree angle before flipping you over your head, yes, half a dozen times creating a feeling of weightlessness. the attraction will be out in the spring. ante. i'm getting dizzy watching. dari: it's amazing how they test
5:52 pm
them and figure out it's okay. steve: a brooklyn man ditched the business world to go into business for himself. dari: kerry drew shows us what made him chase a lifelong dream. >> moroccan hibiscus, ginger, indonesian cinnamon. [music] >> reporter: from a small warehouse in red hook, jack is following a dream. >> they 35 -- they think i've lost my mind. i have. >> jack, known as jack from brooklyn, is the creator of sorel liqueur. >> the basic recipe for what became sorel has been in the caribbean for 400 years. i'm the first person to create a
5:53 pm
shelf stable version of it and put it in a bottle. >> jack learned about it from his grandparents. >> my grandparents came to america from barbados in the 1920s, and like every other immigrant, they made things that reminded them of home in the kitchen. >> reporter: it's made from a mix of spices. >> when it hits your palate, it's fruity and delicate. you've seen. i make a gigantic pot of tea with my spices. >> before launching sorel, he world. then he had a life changing moment. >> five years ago, i had a cancer scare. my doctor found a golf-ball sized tumor in my spine. he said you are probably going to die. and if you live, you're probably going to be paralyzed. you should get your affairs in order.
5:54 pm
>> reporter: jack defied the odds and beat cancer and says the experience was a sign he should pursue his passion. >> it will make you face the questions. and the question is if it's the last day on earth and you know that tomorrow is not going to come, what do you want to do? >> reporter: the company launched in 2012 and immediately jack faced another challenge. >> i was six months into having hurricane sandy hit. like all of red hook, we were devastated. we took five feet of sea water on the first floor and six feet in the basement. all of the commodities, all of the product, all of the equipment was destroyed. >> reporter: luckily jack was able to save some of his equipment and keep his business alive. it is now sold at liquor stores across the u.s. and in canada and australia. >> it makes me feel good to see lots of other cultures embracing something you've known all my life. cheers. >> reporter: cheers.
5:55 pm
for the sip, i'm kerry drew. steve: you had heard of that. i never had. dari: i have family from the islands, barbados. good stuff. steve: we'll see you at 10:00. dari: here's kerry drew with what's coming up at 6:00. >> thanks. tonight honoring the national guard. how the actions of two guardsmen in france showed the heroism of these members of the military. >> we go to times square as
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
people line up for star mmmm yoplait hello, everybody. milk cow here with an important announcement about how yoplait original now has 25% less of the sugar. less sugar?? yes. but don't worry it still tastes good. oh that is great news, milk cow. enjoy! i will. mmmmmmmm! it tastes good! i know. yoplait!
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kerry: good evening. i'm kerry drew. ernie anastos has the night off. we begin with breaking news. a small plane has crashed in cresskill, new jersey. we have instagram video from the scene. this is from @love kpfs. joe beerman is live over the
5:59 pm
scene in skyfox hd with the latest. good evening, joe. >> reporter: we're up with laguardia airport when we heard the pilot calling laguardia tower. his first transmission was aux air. i have a rough engine. he didn't declare an emergency at that point. moments later that emergency was declared when he said he had a complete engine failure by the alpine tower. he was southbound. he wanted priority treatment to try and get to teterboro airport, which would have been a real tough job with no engine. he crashed here at the cresskill swim club just off 3rd street in cresskill, came down in a soccer field and crashed into the trees. there were two people on board. we watched several of those two people being cut out of the airplane. the word from the ground is they have serious injuries, but it's nonlife-threatening.


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